Plentiful harvests await you!

Are you interested in growing a garden?

Do you want tons of tomatoes, countless cukes, or plenty of peas? No matter what you fancy growing, it's time to get started! With spring in the air, temperatures rising and the last frost in sight, the time to secure a plot is now! 

If you have interest in a garden plot for the 2018 growing season, simply click the button to sign up now and follow the instructions that get emailed to you. You can also read more details below.

So, what happens next?

  • Great question! There are 16 plots available, and members who had a plot the prior year have first dibs on the same plot this year, provided they are in good standing (what does this mean?) with the gardening committee. There were a total of 10 plots from the 2017 growing season that are in good standing.
  • The remaining 6 plots (plus any plots from prior year members who don't want one this year) are up for grabs to newly interested members. These plots are currently in disarray, but a cleanup date will be organized to help clean these plots.
  • Each member (new and recurring) that wishes to have a garden plot pays a small rental fee of $15 for use of the garden plot for the entire growing season. This fee is retained by the coop and goes into a fund for future maintenance costs of the area.
  • A completed and signed "Gardening Guidelines" document submitted along with your rental fee is what secures your garden plot.
  • Garden plots are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Your garden plot is not secured until the rental fee and agreement is submitted to Ron Farber-Newman (the new chair of the gardening committee) in 735 #21. Feel free to knock, but if no one is home, you may slide it under the door as long as both items are together in an envelope or are otherwise attached to one another. 
  • If all plots are not claimed by noon on Saturday, May 6th, members who have already secured a plot will have the option to reserve a second plot for an additional $15 fee.
  • Click here to see all available garden plots before submitting your signup form.

Need some ideas on what you could grow?

  • You could grow a salsa garden! Tomatoes, peppers, onions and cilantro are practically everything you need to make your own homemade salsa!
  • Crazy for pickles? Fill your entire garden with cucumbers and dill and later you'll be filling your entire pantry with pickle jars.
  • Are you an aspiring chef? Well then you're obviously going to need an herb garden. Impress your dinner guests with fresh herbs straight from your garden!
  • Love fresh cut flowers in your home? Who said you had to plant food, amirite? Fill your plot full of beautiful flowers and not only will the neighborhood bees be thanking you, but so will your neighbors.

Countdown to the last likely spring frost!